CoCo and Associates

Announcing ecoCoCo®!

CoCo & Associates is proud to introduce ecoCoCo®—its campaign to “go green” as one of the first graphic design companies in the U.S. to offer eco-friendly services. 

For the past 7 years, we have been committed to doing our part to lower our “carbon footprint” on the environment by seeking out new, creative ways to print, recycle, work, and  meet—basically, to do business!

Here’s how we’re “going green”:


Eco-friendly Printing

We’ll provide you with the option of printing your materials on recyclable, chlorine-free papers using soy and other vegetable-based inks. Soy and other vegetable-based inks are less harmful to the environment than their petroleum-based counterparts. We can also quote your next project to be printed with the highest percentages possible of recycled and sustainably-harvested fibers, processed without the use of chlorine or chlorine derivatives. Bleaching without chlorine or chlorine compounds results in a much less polluting papermaking process.


A Meeting of the Minds

At CoCo & Associates, we love to meet face-to-face with our clients. We can see clients’ workplace environments, and it’s more personable. However, to curb harmful emissions into the environment caused by driving, we’re doing our part by scheduling more phone and video meetings with less face- to-face meetings (although we understand the importance of occasional face-to-face meetings).


Let There Be Light

Yes, seriously. We keep the lights off almost always. The less energy we use, the better we feel about our impact on the environment. We make sure our desks are near windows and we design/work by natural light as much as possible. We even sit by fans and keep windows open when it’s warm so we don’t need air conditioning. During winter, we wear warmer clothes so not to have to turn on the heat. The less energy we use, the better for the environment and on the power grids.


Water, Water Everywhere

We’ve stopped buying bottled water and use filtered water and reuse cups and bottles that are washable. This way, we’re not throwing away plastic water bottles and contributing to landfills.


We Recycle Everything

We recycle absolutely everything! If we print something wrong, we use the back of the page. We’ve even recycled “used paper” and created sketch books out of them for our client projects (and then recycle them once they’re used). Anything that needs to be saved on our PC is scanned and archived on backup drives; we’re trying to go as paperless as possible. In fact, 98% of our invoicing is accomplished via the Internet—no wasted paper, envelopes, ink, or stamps. In addition, our website tells our story so we don’t print out so many brochures. And most of our presentations are produced via online PDFs.


Sharing Eco-friendly Info with You

Whenever we are made aware of great eco-friendly ideas or products, we will post information here. We will also include ecoCoCo® news in our regular online newsletters. At CoCo & Associates, we look forward to providing you with many more solutions as we continue to participate in the eco-friendly movement.


We Want to Hear from You

Speak out. Let CoCo & Associates know what we can do to help YOU with eco-friendly products and services. We believe this movement is critical in order for us to maintain a healthy planet for our children and our children’s children. Let us know what’s on your mind by email at or phone at 858.279.8147.

Eco-friendly Tips You Can Use